June 30, 2022

“What do you do with someone with an allergy? What do you do with someone who’s immunocompromised, or someone who for religious reasons…or deep convictions, decided that no, they’re not going to get a vaccine? We’re not a country that makes vaccination mandatory.”
~ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Brandon Gonez Show, May 9, 2021

On June 29 the website Propaganda In Focus published an article I wrote titled “Propaganda Trudeau Style.” Drawing on the classic 1928 book by Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, titled Propaganda, I revisited some of the time-tested strategies for using propaganda to defame and neutralize opponents of a government. The focus on my article concerns public statements of the Prime Minister, members of his cabinet, and the media. To read my article click here.

Ray McGinnis