September 23, 2022

On September 20 my interview on the O’Meara and Borjesson Show was broadcast on TNT Radio. During the interview I was asked about my recent article “How the September 11th Victims’ Families Search for Answers was met with Stonewalling, Lies and Political Theatre.” At one point in the interview I’m asked about any overlap between people involved with investigating the Oklahoma City Bombing and Sept 11th. On the spot, I couldn’t recall a name of a person with links to both events. But it was W. Gene Corley who led the investigation of structural performance of the Murrah Building following the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, and the World Trade Center FEMA Building Performance Study in 2001–2002 following Sept 11. Corley was a go-to “expert” for Matthew Rothschild at The Progressive magazine in Sept 2006, among others in the media, to help rally around the official account.

To hear my interview with Kelly O’Meara and Kristina Borjesson click this link.

Ray McGinnis