On March 3, 2023, I was a guest on former CBC award-winning journalist Trish Wood’s podcast Trish Wood is Critical. She has won awards for investigative journalism, including on CBC’s The Fifth Estate. More recently she has several podcasts and a Substack where she addresses the critical issues in our times. She read my CovertAction Magazine article “Commission Reveals that Trudeau Government Lied About the Nature of the Truckers’ Protests in Ottawa…” As a result, she invited me on her podcast. In her introduction to the interview, she writes, “An extraordinary interview with an investigative journo on the psy-op that was government/media operating together to stop legitimate protest by the trucker convoy. Ray McGinnis on his explosive piece in Covert Action that is gaining international attention. Canada is looking more and more like a banana republic.” Here is the interview: “Trish Wood interviews Ray McGinnis