April 5, 2024

Dr. Piers Robinson created the European website, Propagandainfocus.com, to showcase articles about propaganda, analyzing persuasive communication and censorship.

In her 2007 book, The End of America: Letter of Warning To A Young Patriot, Dr. Naomi Wolf warned readers of ten steps repeatedly used by those seeking to closing down a democracy. Wolf describes the slide from democracy into a totalitarian state that follows a pattern that can be observed across nations for over a century. Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, Mussolini’s Italy, East Germany, Pinochet’s Chile, Czechoslovakia, Romania under Ceausescu, communist China, and North Korea are all examples cited in Wolf’s book.



Four years into the ‘pandemic,’ The End of America provides a lens for understanding the decline of democracy, not only in America, but across Western democracies. In this article, I discuss the ten steps studied in Dr. Wolf’s book to reflect on recent political developments in Canada. Most of these steps are on display in Canada in 2024.
Here is a link to “The End of Canada: The Shift from Democracy to Totalitarian Behaviour in the ‘Pandemic Era‘”

Ray McGinnis