On November 4, 2021, my book, Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored, was reviewed in The Book Lovers Guide. The writer goes by the handle vicfoster80. He states, “Unanswered Questions is a revealing and frank account of justice denied in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. Author Ray McGinnis cuts to the heart of the matter when addressing the lingering questions that remain unanswered by the US Government with respects to 9/11 and the circumstances leading up to the fateful day. McGinnis doesn’t push any particular theory, as much as uncovers the important queries the FSC desired answers for.”

To read the whole review, go to this link: “The Book Lovers Guide Review: Unanswered Questions.

November 4, 2021
Ray McGinnis