On October 21, 2021, Justice Integrity Project Editor, Andrew Kreig, posted publicist Ilene Proctor‘s press release about Unanswered Questions under the “Deep State” section of the JIP website. As the page is updated daily, readers will have to scroll down to October 21, 2021, to read the press release.

Based in Washington D.C., Andrew Kreig is a public affairs commentator, author of , attorney and legal reformer with decades of experience in cutting-edge public policy issues. Drawing on extraordinary contacts in the nation’s capital and globally, he is currently examining pivotal developments – many of them secret – that are transforming the American way of life. He provides his findings by his articles, lectures, broadcast interviews, books and through two organizations: a non-partisan legal reform group, the Justice Integrity Project, and a public affairs consultancy he leads, Eagle View Capital Strategies. He is author of Spiked, concerning the decline and corruption of the Hartford Courant after it was bought by the Times Mirror Co. of Los Angeles. Kreig has also published Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters (Eagle View Books, 2013).

October 22, 2021
Ray McGinnis